Jenna Lyons and the Cult That Was J.Crew

(J standing for Jenna)

It was announced earlier this week, that Jenna Lyons, the president, creative director and face of the multi-billion dollar, multi-brand American specialty retailer J.Crew—would be ending her 26 year tenured relationship with the label. Now to most of us, Jenna is J.Crew.

She was the brand ambassador, the muse, the face, the epitome of the brands quirky paired down glamorous aesthetic, personally the “J” in J. Crew stands for Jenna if you ask me. I mean does anybody remember pre-Jenna J.Crew? I just thought it was a store where yuppy white professionals went to buy cashmere sweaters and khakis honestly (on par with Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers). So to imagine the brand going forth without her is worrisome.

Jenna and J.Crew had a cultural megaboom movement in the late 2000’s. Upon Jenna’s appointment to the role of Executive Creative Director, it was suddenly the cult of Jenna Lyons. The fashion world was instantly smitten by the persona and personal style of the Girl Boss and thus wanted to buy into the brand and get the Jenna look. Denim shirts with evening skirts, women embracing a good red lip, mixing and matching garments that wouldn’t necessarily be worn to the same event/occasion, baubles of beautiful jewelry, mastering the art of rolling up/ tucking a sleeve as only she could, wearing thick bold frames etc. Jenna used her own aesthetic to her advantage altering the brand ethos and making J.Crew cool.

What would a J.Crew without Jenna even look like? No more sequin blazers, eclectic oversized costume jewelry, no more maximalist meets minimalist styling, no more relevance (this one is in question because J.Crew the last couple of years has been on a rapid decline even under Lyons).

Let’s face it, to revel in the era that was J. (Jenna) Crew is to appreciate the street style icon, so as an ode to the end of era and to new adventures we over at TSK want to just highlight a retrospective of Jenna’s signature style-isms and our favorite outfits of hers:

Written By: Shelton Boyd, Chief Fashion Critic

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