Fashionable Resolutions


As we approach the new year with literally only days aways, the “new year new me” thoughts have started to flood our mind. While most of our new years resolutions have to do with us working out and not taking back that no good ex of ours, we sometimes forget our style resolutions! Here are five fashionable resolutions we all should abide by going into the new year!

“thou shall organize their closets….”

A well put together style starts with a well put together closet. A DIY shoe rack will be your boyfriend and a color coded closet will be your best friend! You can either purchase a shoe wall from Ikea or you can invest in some materials from Home Depot for cheaper, and build your own. And for your color coded closet, going through all your pieces with the goal of organization will help you weed through the pieces you need and don’t need.

“thou shall stop shopping on instagram boutiques….”

Ladies, these instagram boutiques that all sell the same exact things, that all have the same models in their photos and don’t even have an legitimate bio section on their websites can not be trusted. Stop risking your bank information and fashion sanity for that two piece concord set that we are sure you can live without.

“thou shall stop shopping on trend…”

Just because it is on trend doesn’t automatically mean it will look good on you. Know what not only works for your body, but what works for your style. Choose pieces that will allow you to set your own trend not just follow ones that might not be for you.

“thou shall not shop off budget….”

If the price tag is more than half your rent, put it back! We no longer live in a age where the name on the price tag makes a difference. Style that were curated from thrift stores are just as respected as those who are curated from high end show rooms. So in 2016, stop breaking your pockets for likes on instgram and shop within your means.

“thou shall not go swimming in their clothes…..”

Yes, oversized clothing is in but never is it cute to look like you are drowning in your clothes. There are ways to style your oversized pieces without taking away from your body shape.

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